Research Group in Nursing Care

Health care has a transversal aspect within health attention, as it occurs in different care areas and can be offered by different professional profiles, although they are the central axis of the nursing discipline. The group arises from the initiative of PC (Primary Care) nurses from Barcelona who want to value the work of health care. It is constituted mainly by nurses, both from the PC and the Hospital de la Santa Creu and Sant Pau and from the Nursing Department of the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. In addition, it has the participation of two family doctors (GPs) and an epidemiologist to ensure a comprehensive look and methodological quality of the group's projects. The lines of work intend to deepen the results of health care, both at the group level and individually, as well as identify strategies that facilitate the transfer of results to clinical practice. Currently, the active lines are the promotion of health and the management of patients with chronic diseases. The group is interested in the aspects related to the development of the nursing discipline and in collaborating with other research groups contributing the specificity of health care.

Group projects

PI: González de Paz, Luis. Programa de Rehabilitación cardíaca centrada en el paciente post infarto agudo de miocardio: Ensayo Clínico Aleatorizado en la atención primaria de salud. Funding: Instituto de Salud Carlos III. Duration: 2020 - 2022

PI: Violán Fors, Concepció. Construcción y validación de un Score predictivo de riesgo de institucionalización, ingresos hospitalarios y mortalidad, en mayores de 65 años con multimorbilidad y fragilidad. Funding: Instituto de Salud Carlos III. Duration: 2020 - 2022

PI: Santesmases Masana, Rosalia. Adaptación cultural de la escala "Heart Failure-Specific Health literacy scale" y determinación de las propiedades psicométricas. Funding: Fundació Infermeria i Societat. Duration: 2020 - 2021

PI: Orfila Pernas, Francesc. Evaluación e intervención multimodal centrada en el paciente anciano en riesgo de resultados adversos, fragilidad y declive funcional en la comunidad. Proyecto CARTS. Funding: Instituto de Salud Carlos III. Duration: 2017 - 2020

Group publications

Cánovas Zaldúa Y, Casabella Abril B, Martín Cantera C, González García F, Moreno Escribá S, Del Val García JL. [Evaluation of a training model for health professionals in the care of critical patients: AIPCAP Study]. Aten Primaria. 2020 Mar; 52(3):151-158. doi:10.1016/j.aprim.2018.08.009. Epub 2019 Jan 10. Spanish. pmc:PMC7063162. PMID:30638697. IF: 1,087.

Fernández-Marín A, Gracia-Orán J, Santesmases R. Education as a strategy to empower people in the management of oral anticoagulant anti-vitamin K treatment in primary care. Revista Àgora d'Infermeria. 2020;24(2):326-330.

Lapena C, Borràs E, Digon C, Aznar R, del Val J, Castelblanco E, Garaikoetxea A, Laguna V. Effectiveness of a comprehensive care protocol in patients with new diagnoses of type 2 diabetes mellitus and associated comorbidities in primary care: study protocol of a quasi-experimental trial. BMJ Open. 2020;10(6):1-8. PMID:32580980. IF: 2,496.

Lapena C, Continente X, Sánchez Mascuñano A, Pons-Vigués M, Pujol-Ribera E, Lopez MJ. Qualitative evaluation of a community-based intervention to reduce social isolation among older people in disadvantaged urban areas of Barcelona. Health Soc Care Community. 2020;28(5):1488-1503. PMID:32185842. IF: 2,050.

Muñoz MA, Garcia R, Navas E, Duran J, Del Val-Garcia JL, Verdú-Rotellar JM. Relationship between the place of living and mortality in patients with advanced heart failure. BMC Fam Pract. 2020 07; 21(1):145. doi:10.1186/s12875-020-01213-x. Epub 2020 Jul 14. pmc:PMC7362404. PMID:32664876. IF: 2,022.

Román E, Parramón M, Flavià M, Gely C, Poca M, Gallego A, Santesmases R, Hernández E, Nieto JC, Urgell E, Alvarado Tapias E, Vidal Andreu S, Ferrero Gregor, Vargas V, Guarner C , Soriano G. Frialty is an independent predictive factor of hospital admissions and falls in patients with cirrosis. J Hepatol. 2020;68(1):748-749. PMID:33030788. IF: 20,582.

Verdú-Rotellar JM, Calero E, Abellana R, Verdú-Soriano J, Vinyoles E, Del Val-García JL, Domingo M, Muñoz MA. Short-term mortality in end-stage heart failure patients. Aten Primaria. 2020 Aug; 52(7):477-487. doi:10.1016/j.aprim.2019.07.019. Epub 2020 Jan 10. pmc:PMC7393541. PMID:31932015. IF: 1,087.




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