2021, a year marked by the 25th birthday of IDIAPJGol

This year 2021 has been marked by the celebration of the 25th anniversary of IDIAPJGol. During these 25 years, many goals have been achieved and IDIAPJGol has left an important mark in research and Primary Care at national and international level.

But this milestone was also a good occasion to remember, why it is important to do research at our healthcare level. For this reason, we opened a participatory process among researchers, as well as other professionals who collaborate with our research, which resulted in the '25 reasons to do research in Primary Care'.

Describing them all here would be too long, but I have selected some of them because I believe they are very relevant and it is also worth remembering them in this report:

  • Because most of the health care in our country is provided to Primary Care.
  • To answer the large volume of scientific questions that arise in Primary Care.
  • Because it allows us to investigate problems that affect people in real clinical settings.
  • Because it allows us to study the parameters of patients over time and, thus, to know precisely the outcome of interventions.
  • Because its proximity, personalised and continuous care make Primary Care a natural source for research and improvement of quality of life.
  • Because Primary Care teams are interdisciplinary and provide an integrative and holistic approach.
  • Because improvements in Primary Care have an impact on entire health system and on well-being of the entire population.
  • Because we are close to people and the results translate directly into better assistance to people.
  • Because we are very clear that people's lifestyles and living conditions are determining factors in their state of health.
  • To transform the image we have of Primary Care and that society also perceives it as an area that evolves, innovates and provides new knowledge.
  • Because we take care of people from birth to death: our research is an improvement for all stages of life.

All of them refer, 25 years after the creation of IDIAPJGol, to the characteristics of Primary Care: longitudinality, proximity and accessibility, continuity and holistic vision of people and their environment. These characteristics give IDIAPJGol its own body of knowledge.

For all these reasons, we are a constantly evolving Institute that has achieved new milestones this 2021:

  • Once again leading a Network of Excellence in Research in Chronicity, Primary Care, Prevention and Health Promotion, much more powerful and doubling the budget, convened by the Carlos III Institute.
  • Being present for the first time in the CIBER Consortium of infectious diseases of the Carlos III Institute.
  • At international level, carrying out seven projects convened by the European Medicines Agency for the monitoring of COVID-19 vaccines. Making this issue an international leadership of the SIDIAP database.
  • Being a reference in the co-creation of research projects with citizens, as is the case of the cohort of long COVID-19.

All this with an increasing scientific output in terms of number and quality of articles in bibliometric indexes, with more projects and more transactional impact.

Josep Basora, Executive Manager

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