2022, the leap forward in research in Primary Care

Primary Care is the gateway for the majority of the population to the healthcare system. It is where most health problems, such as chronic diseases, are treated and is the basis for prevention. For this reason, it is essential to do research in the field.

Since the creation of IDIAP Jordi Gol, the knowledge of Primary Care research has grown exponentially, and so have the resources allocated to it and the number of specialists. It is a matter of pride for our institution to have been part of this journey and to see our research staff promoting more and larger projects year after year.

We are increasingly involved in international projects, we have even successfully led some initiatives on a European scale. In 2022, the funding for projects involving our researchers more than doubled compared to the previous year. And this is excellent news, not only for the Institute, but for the society as a whole, because research in Primary Care has a direct impact on improving the quality of life of the population.

Among the events of 2022, the closing event of the 25th anniversary of the IDIAPJGol stands out: a day marked by significant participation, in which we showed the high level of our research and the professionals who make it possible.

Finally, this year has also been the definitive boost for our Innovation Agency. This is a new service that we consider essential because innovation must be present in all our processes. The IDIAPJGol has become visible in this universe, broadening collaborations and making it possible for the Real World Lab to become a relevant instrument in the launch of new medical processes and devices aimed at improving the attention to people's health.

Josep Basora, Executive Manager

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